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Water solublevitiamins - folacin& B12 A,D,E,K fat...

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Water soluble Krebs cycle B complex Disease Function Thiamine Beriberi Changes  glucose to energy Riboflavin Ariboflavinosis Required for carbohydrate  and fat metabolism Niacin Pellagra Changes glucose to energy Cobalamin (B- 12) Pernicious Anemia Red blood cell regeneration Folacin Folic Acid Def.  Anemia Coenzyme in red blood cell  regeneration Pyroxidine (B- 6) Anemia Assists synthesis of blood  cells Inositol &  Choline N/A   Biotin Only experimental  conditions Coenzyme in fat synthesis Vitamin C  (Ascorbic  Acid) Scurvy Collagen formation, works  as an antioxidant, Iron  absorption, amino acid  metabolism, helps body use 
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Unformatted text preview: folacin, & B12 A,D,E,K fat soluble If protein intake is adequate niacin is adequate Deficiency due to lack of intrinsic factor Deficiency associated w/ pregnancy They are pseudo. Body makes them. If having DT give biotin. Has an antagonis - Avidin (found in raw egg white) Interacts w/ calcium - withdrawal and redeposition of Ca in bones & teeth Deficiency of Vit. C- infections, brusies are spider webs, vitamin c does NOT cure common cold Over anatomy Human digestive tract drawing-HW...
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