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Rhetorical Description

Rhetorical Description - Scott Sommer Rhetorical...

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Scott Sommer Rhetorical Description – Final Draft ENGL 015 Baseball is the most remarkable sport in all existence. The season begins in February with Spring Training, and a grueling 162 game schedule marred with injury, roster turnover and fatigue leads into an even more turbulent playoff season. What baseball players must go through over the course of April to as late as the end of October is remarkable and admirable, but they are never in it alone. It is the fan base that drives the sport towards its success; the fans are passionate, and deal with the same obstacles the players do sans the physical ordeal. In 2006, my above all favorite New York Mets burst onto the Major League Baseball scene as the team to beat, dominating the National League en route to what everyone thought was a forgone conclusion: a trip to the World Series to prove their worth. However, Game 7 of the National League Championship Series (NLCS) will go down as one of the most tumultuous and epic games in the history of the sport, and put the destiny of a magical season on the shoulders of one nine inning contest. October 19 th , 2006 was an average day for most. Adults went to work to feed their families, students went to school and businesses continued to make money. The story of the National League Championship Series was intertwined with all the events of this day, and it was all anyone associated with baseball could talk about. All day, friends and family would discuss what they thought about the game; how Willie Randolph would manage his roster, what beloved Met would step up and deliver the decisive blow against the pesky St. Louis Cardinals, so on and so forth. As day turned to night and the typical day wound to a close, the NLCS took center stage on national television needing no
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corporate help to persuade the general public to watch. Everyone knew what was at stake and nerves were so high that they could have exploded with three times the strength of a nuclear bomb. I have been as big a Mets fan that one can be for as long as I can remember; my bedroom at home is plastered and fully consumed by Mets memorabilia, posters and paraphernalia. In addition to my preposterously decorated bedroom I go to as many games per season as possible, while blatantly disregarding fiscal limitations. I went home to go to Shea Stadium to witness the game first hand with my father,
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Rhetorical Description - Scott Sommer Rhetorical...

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