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Scott Sommer Hannah Abelbeck ENGL 015 Walk The Line: Illegal Immigrants Crossing The Border Immigrants are constantly attempting to illegally cross national borders into the United States. Stories frequently circulate around the news regarding situations such as these, and they help to lead to a growing trend of opposition to the subject of illegal immigration. Our government has made a habit of speaking out against illegal immigration, but never seems to have a legitimate plan to rectify it. There are approximately twelve million illegal immigrant workers in the country to date, with nearly eighty percent of them coming from Mexico or somewhere else in Latin America (wrong side). This problem of undocumented workers is fueled by the American society itself; the decisions we make directly affect the situation. Millions of people use this illegal labor as a cost efficient means of completing a task, but there are contrarily many individuals who complain of how the undocumented aliens take up jobs that could be given to legal citizens. In spite of their alien status, illegal immigrants are often recognized as devoted parents and law-abiding workers who perform productively in the jobs that most Americans would never take (Schuck). To be clear, I do not condone the act of breaking the law in order to enter the United States. I want to make it known how the problem of illegal immigration is heightened due to the actions of our very own society. While I strongly feel these immigrants are entitled to a better quality of life, I feel they need to be escorted out of the country so they can go through the necessary process 1
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of legal re-entry. There are many individuals, including government officials that feel the same way, and acknowledge that its time for a change. The solution will be starting fresh, with a significantly stricter security system along the borders. First of all, increasing the border patrol along the southern borders between Mexico will fail to help in any way. Contrary to popular belief, studies have shown that it does little to reduce the numbers of illegal entries into the country and in turn slows the exit of illegals already here. Manuela Angelucci, a professor at the University of Arizona, has found through investigation that each additional border patrol agent hired stops roughly 771 to 1,621 individuals from entering the United States. However, these border patrol agents encourage around 831 to 1,966 illegals already in the United States to stay
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Cause & Consequence - Scott Sommer Hannah Abelbeck...

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