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Classification & Division Proposal

Classification & Division Proposal - years ago the...

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Scott Sommer Assignment Proposal ENGL 015 2/12/07 Classification & Division One subject that can be both classified and divided extremely well is football. As a writer, one could start with the division aspect. I would first talk about the sport as a whole and what it’s become in the public eye, and also about how the sport has evolved. As I talk about evolution of the sport, I’ll get into more detail about why the sport has evolved. I will then get into leagues, such as the NFL, college and pee wee football. Then I will get into the coaching staffs of each league and how they have changed and how coaches jump from one league to another. After this, I’ll discuss the players and how they have changed over the years. That’s been the most significant change in football; fifty
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Unformatted text preview: years ago the sport was played publicly by only white Americans, but now it is played by many races worldwide. This synergy of race has created what appears to be a different sport, as it moves significantly faster and incorporates a vast amount of strategy. From a classification standpoint, I can tie all of the small things together and state how they all come down to the same thing: advancing a brown piece of leather down field to score points while the defense tries to prevent it. Football still has a very primitive and simplistic goal, and that’s one of the only things that hasn’t changed about the sport since its creation....
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