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Isotopic-dating methods : A method used to date organic matter by comparing the amount of a radioactive isotope to the amount of the isotope that has decayed. Gamma diversity : The difference in diversity between two or more separate locations. Notochord: A flexible, cylinder shaped material found during some stage of development in all chordates. The notochord is made of cells from the mesoderm. Sister taxa : The closest living relative to a taxa that share a common ancestor. Marsupial : A type of mammal that finished its embryonic development outside of the mother's body, in a sac-like pocket on the mother called the marsupium. Speciation via anagenesis : The gradual evolution of a new species from an old species due to the need to adapt to a change in environment. Landscape diversity : The differences in land space among ecosystems. Sexual selection : Selection of a mate for reproduction based on attractive features. Amniotic egg
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