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Solute-dissolved sub, vent- d-ing medium.~ Molar (M)=mols solute/ liters solution~ mass%solute= masssolute/masssolution x100.molal(m)=molessolute/kg solvent~ Molfrac(X)= molsubstance/totalmolsolution~ R’slaw: vp proportional to molfract if non-vol solute: Psolution=(PureVPsolvent)(molefracsolvend), vola= <same but w/both and add them EquiliCons= aA+bB<->cC+dD; Kc= ([C]c [D]d)/([A]a [B]b) (Pr-ovr-Rcts). lg Kc=lg conc prod@equili
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Unformatted text preview: smKc=lgconc unreacted reacnts LawMAc-value-of-Kc exp is constant-partic rction-W/E-eq-conc-are-sub-ed.~Kc=kf/kr~ heat-prod in ex(h neg), reac in en(H pos). Slf-ion-reac 2-like-moculs-reac-2get-ions Kw-ionprodctcons for h2o. varyw/temp. Kw=[H3o][OH] @25deg- Kw=1.0x10-14...
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