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CRCJ Intro Final Review - CRCJ Intro Final Review 1 People...

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CRCJ Intro Final Review 1. People who made themselves responsible for the behavior of the offender after release from the common law court in the Middle Ages were known as: a. Sureties 2. _________ was the medieval practice of letting convicted offenders remain free if they agreed to enter a debt relation with the state to pay for their crimes a. Recognizance 3. Who supervises hiring and determines training needs in the typical probation department? a. Chief Probation Officer (CPO) 4. What is the primary purpose of the presentence investigation? a. Accumulate information on the background and activities of the offender. Serves as basis for sentencing and controls whether the convicted defendant will be granted community release or sentenced to secure confinement. 5. Which probation officer duty is more commonly used in the juvenile justice process? a. Parole Officer 6. According to national data, what percent of adults leaving probation successfully complete their sentence? a. 60% 7. Many scholars argue that probation will continue to be the sentence of choice in both felony and misdemeanor cases because it: a. Reduces the population pressures on an overcrowded and underfunded correctional system. 8. What is the least punitive alternative on the punishment ladder? a. Restorative Justice 9. What type of fine is geared to the offenders daily net income? a. Day Fees 10. What do judges generally rely on when determining financial penalties and fines? a. Offense Seriousness 11. Which of the following is considered to be a Federal forfeiture program a. Drug, White Collar, Pornography 12. Which term is associated with the strict interpretation of forfeiture statues that produces property
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CRCJ Intro Final Review - CRCJ Intro Final Review 1 People...

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