Spring 2008 Quiz 2

Spring 2008 Quiz 2 - The exam period is 60 minutes Keep...

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The exam period is 60 minutes Keep your copy of the exam for reference Make sure your name and ID number are on opscan sheet Grades will be posted by 18 th March Geology 1004 Quiz 2, Spring 2008 1. Metamorphic rocks form by __________. A. crystallization of molten rock B. solid state changes due to increased temperature and/or pressures C. lithification of sediments D. chemical or biochemical precipitation of minerals 2. A sandstone is an example of a _______ rock. A. regional metamorphic B. contact metamorphic C. chemical sedimentary D. clastic sedimentary 3. Oil forms ______. A. in volcanic rocks that have abundant feldspar. B. in contact metamorphic rocks C. in sedimentary rocks that are rich in organic remains D. in plutonic rocks that are rich in CaO 4. Which of the following mineral is commonly found only in metamorphic rocks? A. quartz B. kyanite C. feldspar D. mica 5. Chemical sediments form from ______. A. rapid cooling of molten sediments B. particles of sediment deposited in water C. precipitation of minerals from sea water 6. Which of the following involves stretching of the crust? 1) normal fault; 2) reverse fault 7. Bedrock is ______. A. layered beds of clastic sedimentary rock B. layers of rock that have not been deformed during regional metamorphism C. layers of volcanic rock D. the rock underlying the loose surface material of the Earth’s surface like soils 1
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8. The rock cycle is ______.
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Spring 2008 Quiz 2 - The exam period is 60 minutes Keep...

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