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PSCI/IS/GEOG 2064: The World Economy and Global Politics © Professor Edward Weisband Virginia Tech Spring 2008 Essay Question: Globalization, Regionalization, and Hegemony Part I: Industrial Organization, Firms, and Globalization In the end, we examine the role of organizations and multilateral institutions as forms of economic governance operating within and across the world economy. Specifically, we have developed a theory of the firm that links the history of the firm and its changing organizational structures to standards of efficiency, competitiveness, and value added profitability. Examine this history in terms of vertically integrated national, vertically integrated international, and horizontally coordinated transnational (global) firms by applying your understanding of Fordism, the M 2 -Form, and Toyotaism. Analyze the efficiencies generated by each organizational structure and the changing standards that led to the adaptation of those structures. Show why and how Fordism generated efficiencies but then became inefficient. Discuss the analytical basis for the M-Form using the product life cycle and the logics of international Fordism. Finally, examine the transformation of the M-Form to Toyotaism based on changing efficiency standards grounded in total quality
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