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Lab 1 - Wave Motion and Resonance

Lab 1 - Wave Motion and Resonance - LAB 1 Wave Motion...

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LAB 1 Wave Motion & Resonance PURPOSE The purpose of this lab is to examine the wave motion in a weighted string and the resonance of sound waves traveling through open tubes. Two examples of resonance will be observed, along with measurements and calculations, to find the wavelength ( λ ) and speed ( υ ) of waves. EQUIPMENT U Weights U Fishing Line U Yard Stick U Calculator U Vibrating Motor (the Driver) U Small Loudspeaker U Resonance Tube w/ Water U Frequency Control Machine PROCEDURE U PART 1 – A small amount of weight was added to a fishing line that was attached to a vibrating motor. The distance between the motor and the pulley was measured as the length of the string in given equations. The motor was turned on and the hanging masses were fine- tuned until a clear standing wave could be seen. The number of nodes and antinodes were counted. Using equations, wavelength and speed were calculated. Two equations were used to calculate the speed twice in order to compare the two results.
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