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Assignment 5 - TA Session Monday 10:00AM TA Zheying Wu BUAD 304 April 9 2006 Assignment#5 Chapter 17#2 4 Ethical Dilemma 2 What do you think

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TA Session: Monday, 10:00AM TA: Zheying Wu BUAD 304 April 9, 2006 Assignment #5 Chapter 17 #2, 4 Ethical Dilemma 2. What do you think employers put so much emphasis on the interview as a selection device? A selection device is used for obtaining information about a job applicant that can help the organization to determine whether the applicant’s skills, knowledge, and abilities are appropriated for the job in question. The interview tends to carry a great deal of weight on a decision. The candidate who performs poorly in the employment interview is likely to be cut from the applicant pool, regardless of his or her experience, test scores, or letters of recommendation. Interviews are most valuable for assessing an applicant’s applied mental skills, level of conscientiousness, and interpersonal skills; these qualities are then related to job performance. Interviews are used as a “prediction-of- performance.” Plus, employers are looking for job candidates whose personality characteristics, personal values, and the like to find an individual who will fit with the organization’s culture and image. The employer has already determined that, on paper, the person is qualified for the position. The interview allows him/her to judge whether or not the candidate would fit in as a colleague. Plus, the interview gives the candidate the opportunity to demonstrate personal strengths and professional commitment to the field and the firm or organization. Moreover, if the candidate does not fit in, it will decrease productivity and efficiency in the company because the comfort level has been reduced. 3. GE prides itself on continually raising the performance bar by annually letting go employees who perform in the lowest 10%. In contrast, Cleveland-based Lincoln Electric Co. prides itself on its no-layoff policy. Lincoln Electric has provided its employees with guaranteed employment since 1958. How can two successful companies have such different approaches to employment security? How can they both work? What implications can you derive from the success of these different
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Assignment 5 - TA Session Monday 10:00AM TA Zheying Wu BUAD 304 April 9 2006 Assignment#5 Chapter 17#2 4 Ethical Dilemma 2 What do you think

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