KIN 420 - Case Study No. 1b

KIN 420 - Case Study No. 1b - Case Study #1 PERSONAL...

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Case Study #1 PERSONAL INFORMATION a Gender: Male e Age: 82 e Weight: 140 e Height: 5’ 8” e BMI: 21.3 Healthy BMI e Average Blood Pressure: 125/70 *Takes Medication* FAMILY HISTORY From what the individual can recall, all direct family members suffer from high cholesterol and hypertension. His father passed away from a heart attack at age 53 and his mother passed away at age 79 from heart failure. He has four sisters, all older than him, two of which passed away from various cancers at 86 and 87 years, and another passed away at age 85 from heart failure. LIFESTYLE This individual has a very “military-like” lifestyle that consists of daily routines and schedules. He does not currently smoke, but smoked a pipe for 30 years but only once or twice a day and quit in 1975. He does not currently consume any alcohol, but used to when he made his own wine. He is retired and spends most of his time caring for his wife and “puttering” around the house. DIET This individual’s diet is very healthy. He consumes three main meals a day as well as two healthy snacks between meals. His meals consist of lean meats (fish and chicken) and avoid a lot of red meat. He consumes about 2 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. He does tend to eat enriched grains over whole grains because “that’s what he’s used to”. He no longer drinks any alcohol, but used to consume 1-2 glasses with dinner 4-5 nights a week (he used to make his own wine from home-grown fruits). He no longer consumes fast food or restaurant food, but used to eat out frequently. Sweets are consumed in very small portions at night such as M&M’s or a small
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piece of cake (made by his daughter). His diet has improved when compared with previous eating habits, but even still his diet has always been very healthy. MEDICAL HISTORY Date of Surgery Procedure Comments June 7, 1989 Small bowel resection About 6 inches of small intestine was removed due to ulcers. May 9, 1990
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KIN 420 - Case Study No. 1b - Case Study #1 PERSONAL...

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