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KIN 272 - Scenario 2

KIN 272 - Scenario 2 - compressions and two breaths until...

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AED Scenario Prompt: You are at your favorite restaurant when you suddenly hear a blood curdling scream from across the room. A man has just collapsed. Action: Check the scene for safety. Prompt: The scene is safe. Action: Identify that you are trained in CPR and First Aid and that you can help. You put on your safety gloves and instruct someone to call 9-1-1. Prompt: Someone calls 9-1-1. Action: Check for signs of life for no more than ten seconds. Prompt: There are no signs of life Action: You instruct someone to get an AED machine. Prompt: Someone leaves to go get an AED machine. Action: Administer two rescue breaths and administer CPR, consisting of 30 chest
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Unformatted text preview: compressions and two breaths, until the AED machine arrives. Prompt: The AED machine arrives. Action: You turn on the AED machine and remove the man’s shirt. You attach the AED pads to the appropriate positions on the man’s chest and allow the machine to calibrate. You instruct everyone in the room to stand clear of the boy and let the machine deliver a shock to the man’s heart. Proceed to follow the instructions of the AED prompt until further medical help arrives. Prompt: An ambulance arrives....
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