CHM 226 - Tech 703 - Recrystalization

CHM 226 - Tech 703 - Recrystalization - Tech 703...

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Tech 703 RECRYSTALIZATION INTRODUCTION Organic compounds can sometimes be contaminated by impurities. The process used to remove any impurities from solid compounds at room temperature is called recrystalization. During this process, a compound is placed in a solvent and then heated. As the heated solution cools, a crystal of the pure compound forms. That pure crystal then attracts other molecules of the same kind, attaching to one another, and forming groups of pure crystals. EXPIRIMENTAL PROCEDURE First, the solubility of acetanilide is tested by mixing 100 mg with 2.0 mL of acetone, ethanol, petroleum ether, and water, in four separate test tubes. The mixtures where acetanilide did not dissolve are placed in a sand bath and heated to their boiling points. The heated solutions are cooled slowly in an ice-water bath for five minutes in order to observe if recrystalization occurs. From the observations, the proper solvent is chosen. The next step is to dissolve the compound by bringing about 15 mL of the solvent to its boiling point by using a hot plate. 0.5-1 mL of this boiling solvent is slowly added to a flask containing about 500 mg of acetanilide (both flasks are to be maintained boiling keeping them on the hot plate). The solvent is continually added in the directed small increments until acetanilide
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CHM 226 - Tech 703 - Recrystalization - Tech 703...

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