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anth notes 2

anth notes 2 - Verbal Thinking Use word association to...

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Verbal Thinking Use word association to create meaning Considered normal to consider conceptually Normally speaking, autistic people do not think verbally/conceptually They think visually instead The word macroeconomics reminds her of the word macramé because they sound the same. So she associates the word macroeconomics with an image of macramé. As children we are able to understand concepts. For example, we learn the word chalk corresponds to the object. If we call a piece of chalk something else, we will be treated differently. The way we use language is infinite. Every word can be connected to another word and so on… Overall, Grandin argues that the way people see the world is similar to the way that animals see the world. Cattle squeeze chute makes the cattle calm for vaccinations because extreme pressure is calming. Like how babies like being swaddled. It is a feeling of security
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