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anth notes 6

anth notes 6 - The Perspectival Double-Take o Important to...

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The Perspectival Double-Take o Important to find commonalities because all creatures inhabit the earth and coexist – Prof (idk) o Different perspectives exist, so it is important to understand others, even if they are not primary o We are not always open to other perspectives because they go against what we know/expect o Temple Grandin: we see what we expect to see o Ingold: the perspective from the moon is against what we expect because even though we know the world is round, it appears flat because the ground & sky are flat So when children were asked to draw the planet, they had difficulty isolating details We know it’s a sphere but we’ve never experienced it as a sphere How does our knowledge affect our experience? Bateson – How we perceive the world By making generalizations and abstractions (not exactly original) World Map clip from The West Wing The reality we perceive is not necessarily the reality that exists Ex: we’ve seen the map of the world, but it is not drawn to scale
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