KIN325 - Lab #1

KIN325 - Lab #1 - Elisa Giordano KIN 325 Lab #1...

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Unformatted text preview: Elisa Giordano KIN 325 Lab #1 Cardiorespiratory Lab Report INTRODUCTION The purpose of this lab is to perform the YMCA bike test as well as a step test in order to assess cardiorespiratory fitness. Health fitness instructors perform this assessment in order to gain insight on an individual who wishes to begin an exercise regimen The information gained from this lab includes predicted heart rate, max heart rate, resting heart rate, exercise heart rate, resting blood pressure, exercise blood pressureVO 2 max, kilocalories used, workload, and a rating of perceived exertion. This information is helpful in determining an exercise prescription for a patient. RESULTS Demographics: The members in this group consisted of two male and three female subjects. The mean age is about 20 years old. All subjects were of a healthy weight and had no serious medical conditions. Step Test Results Subject Age Heart Rate Rating Christine 20 85 bpm Excellent Tara 21 91 bpm Good Marcian 21 78 bpm Excellent Elisa 20 124 bpm* Below Average YMCA Bike Test Data (see attached sheets) Converting L/min to ml/kg/min o Tara: 150 lbs. / 2.2046 = 68 kg 2.41 L/min x 1000 / 68 kg = 35.4 ml/kg/min o Henry: 161 lbs. / 2.2046 = 73 kg 3.98 L/min x 1000 / 73 kg = 54.5 ml/kg/min...
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KIN325 - Lab #1 - Elisa Giordano KIN 325 Lab #1...

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