Lecture 4 -- Revolts in the Austrian Empire, 1848-49 (outline)

Lecture 4 -- Revolts in the Austrian Empire, 1848-49 (outline)

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THE REVOLTS OF 1848-49 IN THE AUSTRIAN EMPIRE I. Why revolts occurred throughout Europe (except in Britain and Russia) in 1848? A. Economic causes 1. Failed harvests 2. Economies that could not provide full employment for populations that were growing rapidly 3. Emerging working class that demanded security B. Political causes 1. Liberal demands 2. Universal suffrage demanded by the poor 3. Emerging nationality consciousness II. State of the Austrian Empire at beginning of 1848 A. Large, multinational B. Austria proper also part of the German Confederation C. Habsburgs extended influence beyond borders of the Empire 1. Carlsbad Decree of 1819 2. Tuscany, Naples, and the Papal States D. Rule of Habsburg Foreign Minister Klemens von Metternich III. The spring of 1848 A. Hungary's "March Laws"
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Unformatted text preview: B. Italian States invade Lombardy and Venetia C. Riots in Vienna IV. The Empire Strikes Back" after June 1848 A. Why did the revolts of 1848 fail? 1. Middle class not very large 2. Middle class and sots split 3. Peasants remain loyal to regime after serfdom ends 4. Habsburgs play nationalities against each other 5. Great powers against dissolution of Austrian Empire B. How did the revolts fail? 1. Czech Lands 2. Northern Italy 3. Hungary a. Declaration of autonomy b. Jelacic offensive of Serbs and Croats c. Kossuth uprising d. New Emperor, Francis Joseph, invites Russian troops to help restore order 1) Field Marshall Paskevich V. Conclusion A. Aftermath of revolts and "Bach System" B. Empire endures, with tremendous strains, until 1918...
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Lecture 4 -- Revolts in the Austrian Empire, 1848-49 (outline)

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