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Louis Armstrong - Listening Struttin with Some Barbecue...

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Louis Armstrong *Born to William Armstrong and Mary Albert (Mayann) August 4, 1901. *January 1, 1913, sent to Colored Waif’s Home for disturbing the peace. (18 months). *The nickname “Satchmo” - was short for satchel mouth. *He replaced older musicians as they left for the north. *2 nd wife – Lil Hardin – valedictorian of class at Fisk University. *Left King Oliver, moved to Fletcher Henderson’s band. *Recordings of Hot 5 and Hot 7 most influential. Assembled in “studio” *Used pot all his life. Claimed it was “an insulator against the pain of racism.” *His managers were associated with the mob -- Joe Glaser *Louis was outspoken against Racism, ex. Little Rock, AR, 1957 *His contributions in later years were in the entertainment field, i.e. Hello Dolly et al
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Unformatted text preview: Listening Struttin with Some Barbecue Struttin with Some Barbecue *Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five. *Recorded 12/5/1927 . *Louis makes the solo lead line important. Hotter than That Hotter than That *Recorded as a response to Hotter than Hell. *Good example of scat singing. *Note the irregular phrases between Louis and the guitar. *Form shows 8 + 6 + 2 solo break. West End Blues West End Blues *Most Famous Louis Armstrong solo. *Starts with famous introductory cadenza. *Long high note at the end. *Earl Fatha Hines on piano. Much more sophisticated than Lil. *Listen for spoons at the end. Weather Bird *Duo between Louis Armstrong and Earl Fatha Hines *Piano style referred to as Trumpet style *Recorded in Chicago, 1928...
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Louis Armstrong - Listening Struttin with Some Barbecue...

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