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A. Social Influence- Other people change the way you think, feel, and act. Teacher in class. 1. 2 types: Normative and Informational. These are theoretical concepts because you will never see them but they are testable. i. Normative - Reflects being affected by others because you recognize that other people are a source of rewards or punishments. They motivate you to do things. Working overtime when your boss asks you to. Normative social punishment- being embarrassed to sing in public. Normative social reward- singing in public so someone likes you. ii. Informational - Learn something you didn’t know before because of someone’s behavior. See people walking away from the SLC as you are walking up and come to the conclusion that class has been cancelled. You conclude that there is a reason from the behavior. 2. Consequences of social influences- refer to behaviors that can be observed i. Conformity- Convergence of behavior. People acting alike. Can happen without social influence. FOR THIS CLASS; it happens because of social influence. a) Public vs. Private conformity- Public: Any behavior that is inconsistent with private behavior/feelings. Normative social influence. Smoke with your friends but do not like to smoke. Private- When your behavior reflects how you really feel inside. Smoke with friends but also like to smoke. b) Asch’s research on conformity- Subjects were told they were doing an experiment on perceptual judgment. One of the experimental conditions was to make judgment alone (control). In the other they had to make judgment with people in the room who were incorrect (experimental group). Independent variable is the number of other people in the room. Dependant
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PSYC 1101 Notes (2 14) - A. Social Influence- Other people...

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