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PSYC 1101 Notes (4 15)

PSYC 1101 Notes (4 15) - Developmental Psychology C...

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4/15/08 Developmental Psychology C. Post-natal Developmental 1. physical development 2. cognitive development a. Piaget's theory of cognitive development 1) 2 basic types of learning 2) Stages of Piaget's theory a) Sensory-motor stage (0 – 2 years) b) Pre-operational stage (2 – 6 or 7) -egocentrism -animism (when children assume all things that move are alive) -lack of conservation (ex. 2 glass containers with liquid, understanding that some properties are conserved) c) Concrete operational stage (7 – 12) d) Formal operational stage 3) Evaluation of Piaget's Theory a) Stages or gradual change? b) Infants and math b. Language development -babies imitate what they hear, which is the first step in the development of language 4/22/08 Psychological Disorders I. General Information II. Categories 1. Sleep disorders a. Insomnia – due to stress; chronic insomnia would cause call for a diagnosis b. Somnambulism – sleepwalking; could be dangerous to wake them up depending on the situation c. Narcolepsy – sleep attack; have a seizure in the parts of the brain that relate to REM
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