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interactive session 1 - BUAD 304 Professor Cummings TA...

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BUAD 304 Professor Cummings TA: Zheying Wu January 25, 2006 Homework Interactive Session #1 “Ethical Dilemma” Do you think it’s ethical for employers to engage in genetic testing with the intent to screen for diseases or potential diseases? This question is quite difficult to answer. The first part we need to answer is “what is a disease” or what defines one. There are the normal diseases, such as high blood pressure and obesity, but what about having a flaw that could increase one’s risk for a disease? People with these genetic flaws should not be deemed “one with a disease” especially if it does not affect their health. This brings forth another issue with genetic testing: discrimination. Will someone not be hired if they have a certain gene dysfunction that does not affect the person’s health or their regular activities? Employers could then only hire people based on their genetic test results; these tests are not justifiable to hire one upon and could bring about unneeded controversy. Overall, even thought genetic screening could be beneficial when hiring someone (i.e. an employer can hire an employee that will be resistant to the health conditions in that
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interactive session 1 - BUAD 304 Professor Cummings TA...

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