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arguement essay-mary king

arguement essay-mary king - Mary King Dr McCollister...

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Mary King Dr. McCollister English 1301.17 December 4, 2007 Essay 4 To Vote or Not to Vote The day I turned eighteen, my parents sent me straight to the DMV office to get my license, and most importantly, to get registered to vote. I recently surveyed thirty random college students from the ages of eighteen to twenty-five and found out that being an eighteen-year-old with a voter’s registration card made me a minority. Out of the thirty students that I surveyed, only ten were registered to vote. And out of that ten, only four of them had actually voted before. Unfortunately this survey is quite representative of our country. There are 26,915,473 US citizens between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five--that’s 14.4% of the United States’ voters. But only 16,123,566 (59.9%) of those citizens are registered to vote, and only 11,305,338.66 (70%) actually voted. This means that in this last election they only impacted 6% of the nation’s vote! (Lopez 1). As I surveyed the students, I asked them why they didn’t vote. The top three reasons were: “It doesn’t affect me,” “My vote doesn’t count,” and “I don’t care what happens.” Columnist Bob Chase says, “I’ve always found the excuses people give for 1
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not voting on par with ‘the dog ate my homework.’” There is seldom a
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