Paper 3 - Hannan Merritt Paper #3 10/22/07 Gabriel Garcia...

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Hannan Merritt Paper #3 10/22/07 Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Of Love and Other Demons uses magical realism to talk about the issues of race, ethnicity, class and nationalism in Latin America. This novella was influenced by two events in his life that link the real and the magical world. First, as a reporter he witnessed the opening of tombs of the convent of the Clarissan nuns. When one of the tombs was opened and “a stream of living hair the intense color of copper” (Marquez 4) came out, Marquez was reminded of the magical tale that was told to him by his Grandmother when he was younger about the “little twelve year old marquise with hair that trailed behind her like a bridal train” (Marquez 5) which he then based this fictional tale on. In Latin America there are any number of ethnicities but I will focus on how whites, mestizas/mestizos, blacks, and Jews are characterized in the story and how these characterizations and interactions influence the outcome of the story. Sierva Maria de Todos los Angeles was born into a declining noble family that was half Spanish and half mestiza. Since her situation at home involved a mother who despised her and an aloof absentee father she was raised by the black African slaves that her father the Marquis owned. Of these slaves the most powerful and influential in her life was Dominga de Adviento, who also mediated between her estranged parents when she was alive. Since Sierva Maria was being raised by a woman who “became a Catholic without renouncing her Yoruban beliefs” Sierva Maria was initiated into the world of a black slave instead of the world of a white noble person in colonial times. In reality Sierva Maria was really a new ethnicity of a half Spanish, half mestiza girl raised “by a jubilant court of black slave women, mestiza maids, and Indian errand girls” (Marquez 43). After Sierva Maria was bitten by the dog and the Marquis thought 1
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Paper 3 - Hannan Merritt Paper #3 10/22/07 Gabriel Garcia...

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