UNderdogs paper - Hannan Merritt Latin American...

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Hannan Merritt Latin American Perspectives “The Underdogs Paper” The rain had just abated as Macias’s men travel along the steep rocky trail. The birds and beasts of the rocky sierras and desert canyons make their presence known. The men revel in the sheer beauty of being masters of their domain, arbiters of their destiny. They ride to ride, to experience the beauty of their homelands. As they hear shots in the distance their bravado begins to fade and the cunning shadow of fear and doubt begins to creep its way into the minds of the men. Only Demetrio the fearless leader stands strong and resolute behind his beliefs about the dangerous and powerful federales. As they crest the peak into the high sierra, machine guns open fire. The scene becomes a chaotic battlefield of smoke, metal, men, and horses. Macia’s men begin to fight back but are struck down one by one. Anastasio goes first, knocked off his horse by the force of the machine guns relentless bullets and lies motionless on the ground. Venancio goes next his, his body slowly falling to the ground as he pours blood from the bullet
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UNderdogs paper - Hannan Merritt Latin American...

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