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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1 Hannan Merritt Bylina Discussion Notes The Ilya Muromets stories remind me of a Jesus like character because he is the "central figure" (25) of the Russian folk epics Ilya is the pagan Russian peasants deity in folktale form. He has all of the characteristics of a Jesus like character. He leave his home to go on a journey and he is tested numerous times. The only difference between Jesus and Ilya is the fact that he the sins of others. Repetition. Once again repeptition plays a big part in each of these epics. This is of course because these epics were sung a was used by both the performer and the audience to remember and understand the epic. A good example of the repetition th on page 30 that starts with, "He rode up to the stream Smorodina...." and ends with "Stumbled against some roots". A big part of these stories are the Don Cossacks who are a people in the Cossack mountains that I have veaguely heard abou From the vague recollections I have they are a people of varied origins, most likely half Rus half Mongol and that their military...
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