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Hannan Merritt 8/27/07 Cinderella Grimm’s version of Cinderella is the only version that utilizes at least some bit of repetition. For example on page 2-4 the pigeons recite the same limerick while sorting the lentils, peas and seeds. They recite this three times. This repetition can also be linked to the repetition that the Brothers Grimm use in Snow White of the number three. This could possibly be because the Brothers Grimm version is most closely related to the oral tradition that folktales are based upon. In the Disney and Perrault version of Cinderella there is a fairy godmother that provides Cinderella with a beautiful dress and carriage. In the Brothers Grimm version Cinderella only needs to shake the tree that planted upon her mother’s grave to receive the gifts that are bestowed upon her by her fairy grandmother in the other two versions. But in essence the pigeons were her fairy godmother because they told her what to do that would allow her go to the ball. In the Perrault and Disney version Cinderella’s fairy godmother turns the creatures that Cinderella is
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