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Cinderella Reader Reaction - that this version would be...

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Hannan Merritt Cinderella Reader Reaction 8/27/07 All three versions of the Cinderella tale have their various plot and character variations yet all three have one underlying lesson. That is the lesson of kindness and humility. I think that as Cinderella progressed from the oral tradition of early folktales to the commercialized and self-figurative Disney version its lesson to children remained the same. Cinderella retains her purity of mind and kind heart through constant oppression and cruelty and is ultimately rewarded. I believe that the Brothers Grimm version of Cinderella is the best version because it is closest to the oral tradition because its use of repetition and it is the most extreme in its examples of the lengths that people will go to achieve a goal. Therefore I think
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Unformatted text preview: that this version would be most appropriate for Jr. High children because I think that they would be able to comprehend the lesson but not be frightened by the idea of a mother telling her daughters to cut off part of their foot to make it fit into a slipper. I think the version of Cinderella by Perrault should be the version taught to elementary school children because it is a slightly less intense version and would easily be understandable to a child with a limited attention span. Lastly, I think that the Disney version should be used to introduce children who can’t read to Cinderella. The Disney version of Cinderella is the simplest and least complex of the three and would be a great to begin teaching morals, even if it would be done subconsciously....
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