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Hannan Merritt Grimm Article 8/27/07 This article by Linda Degh is basically explaining two things. One that the Grimm Household Tales were in the main part not even created by Brothers Grimm, only that the Brothers Grimm combined and modified numerous different variations of one tale to create the perfect tale. Secondly, the article explains that the Grimm tales and really all types of magical or “fairy” tales are beneficial to children because they can teach morals, lessons, and various social norms. This article also explains how children need to have the option to immerse themselves in a world that isn’t real to further their growth. Children have not been exposed to the stereotypes and the bias that guide the lives of adults. “Breaking the Disney Spell”
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Unformatted text preview: This article touches upon some of the themes of Disneys fairy tales and how parallels can be drawn to his personal life. In essence the use of self-figuration is essential to the Disney fairytale because he is completely rewrote the script of the fairy tale to mesh with both his views and the views of the general public he sought to deceive to make more profit. For example in Puss in Boots one of his earlier films he changes the character emphasis from Puss in Boots to the commoner who triumph over the old king. The technological advances that Disney used to make his fairy tale more appealing took away the oral tradition that folk tales were built in favor of an impersonal modern media that espoused his views....
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