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Discussion Notes 10 9 07 - “The fox The Hare and The...

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Hannan Merritt Discussion Notes 10/9/07 In “The Fox Physician” “The fox entered the bathhouse” a place of sorcery and magic. In the bathhouse the fox tricked the old man and ate the old woman. The fox could then be linked to an unclean force or the devil. “The Death of the Cock” had one of the better instances of repetition because the hen was forced to repeat her story with a slight addition six times. The whole story is essentially a repetition of the same theme. “The Cat, The Cock, and The Fox” was the story with the clearest moral teachings. The old man and the cat said, “This is what comes of not heeding warnings!” In “The Fox, The Hare, and The Cock” the cock is the protector of helpless animals in the same way that he guards humans from unclean forces when he heralds in a new day and the end of night a time when the unclean forces are most active.
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Unformatted text preview: “The fox, The Hare, and The Cock” also has a bit of numerology when the cock calls out to the fox three times before the fox finally came out and was killed. I feel like some of the stories were meant to be told aloud in a tavern because the final line is almost like a “Cheers” to drink. Or they are meant to be told at a dinner between friends. This quote from both, “The Fox, The Hare, and The Cock” and “The Fox as Midwife”, “There’s a tale for you, a crock of butter for me”. Reader Reaction Most of these stories deal with creatures both magical and non magical and most stories are lacking a clear moral or lesson that the audience is supposed to gain from either reading or hearing the story. It seems like the stories are simply stories without any need to reach a higher goal or purpose....
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