Merritt's Folktale - here once was a happy family of four...

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Unformatted text preview: here once was a happy family of four who lived in a small hut in the forest. One day the Father and Mother were going to market to sell their goods. They told their son, Ivan Watch over your little sister and dont leave this hut until we come back 1 . The parents left their children and were soon out of sight 2 . The boy decided right away to follow his parents instructions fully and focused completely on his little sister. Eventually she fell asleep and his pet squirrel Sergey came to visit. He thought to himself, Nothing bad will happen if I leave her for a little while. He went and played in the forest 3 . When he was finally so tired that he couldnt play anymore he went back to the hut and couldnt find his little sister. He ran back out of the hut and saw an all black robin flying away from the hut with his little sister in its beak 4. Ivan knew that his parents would throw him down the well if he did not get his sister back and began to sprint after the speedy robin 56 . After 9 straight days of running his legs began to give out and his throat began to burn. He stopped at a small creek to quench his undying thirst and saw a bear trying to grab a fish for its dinner. The fish jumped out of the water and yelled to Ivan, Help me kind forest person! 7 . Ivan with other things on his mind responded, Why should I help you, you are only a fish, I need to find my little sister and save her from the terrifying robin 8 . The fish evaded the bear once more and yelled out to Ivan, But you dont even know where the robin has gone. Without my help you will never find your sister and then your father will throw you down the well 9 . Ivan realized that the fish was right. The robin T 1 - 1- Interdiction 2- 1- Absentation of elders 3- 1- Interdiction violated 4- A 1 Kidnapping of a person 5- C- Consent to counteraction 6- - Departure/dispatch 7- D- The first function of the donor 8- E 1 neg- The hero does not withstand a test 9- F neg- The hero does not obtain help 10- d 7- A test occurs out of a helpless situation 11- E 7- Hero performs some other service...
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Merritt's Folktale - here once was a happy family of four...

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