Chapter 1 Review - -Write and balance chemical equations-Know chemical reactions for generating pollutants(CO SO 2 SO 3 NO NO 2-Know chemical

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Chapter 1 Review Sheet The Air We Breathe - Atmospheric pressure - Regions of the atmosphere - Components of the air - Concentration units (percent, ppm, ppb) - Four major gaseous air pollutants regulated by the EPA. - Scientific notation - matter - Classification of matter (mixtures, elements, and compounds) - Memorize list of elements - Atoms and Molecules - Periodic table (groups, periods, metals, non-metals, metalloids, diatomic elements) - Identify alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, chalcogens, halogens, noble gas, main group, transition metal, lanthanide metals, and actinide metals. - Naming compounds - Cause of atmospheric pollution - Chemical reactions - Combustion - Hydrocarbons - Law of conservation of matter and law of conservation of mass
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Unformatted text preview: -Write and balance chemical equations-Know chemical reactions for generating pollutants (CO, SO 2 , SO 3 , NO, NO 2 )-Know chemical reactions for forming acid rain (sulfurous and sulfuric acid)-Know sources of common air pollutants (CO, SO 2 , SO 3 , NO, NO 2 , Pb, VOC)-Element of the Day – Platinum (cisplatin) and cis- and trans- fats.-Risk assessment (Toxicity and Exposure)-Determine if air samples meet the national ambient air quality standards based on data provided.-Air quality legislation and regulations (Clean Air Act of 1970/1990, Clear Skies Initiative, AIQ, TRI)-Methods that have successfully reduced air pollution....
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