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English 5:1 - up till no why change • he buys into the...

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English 5/1 Ike Ike is peaceful and tranquil in the wilderness This is about to be upset Roth gives him the envelope Ike knows that last year he was tomcatting The woman the woman goes to the camp as an index of her love in an attempt to get him back the woman opens up the envelope and sees no note, like she was expecting a denial of her humanity that what happened was solely a commercial transaction “the 'i was sure'” passage honor is it honorable to leave his son? to leave his lover (even is there are no feelings) she fell in love. ...desperately Roth is not a man he's yet to take responsibility he was spoiled by Ike in him getting the land partially “her hurt” talking irony! Ike ignored his responsibilities in repudiating the land Draggletail (slut) When he calls her a n---- it is a slap in the face because he had viewed everyone equally
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Unformatted text preview: up till no, why change?? • he buys into the racial system himself even though he had not considered it before as moral • Why give Roth's illegitimate son one of his few precious items? • Atonement • He cannot understand love • Ike knows nothing about love • Ike cannot comprehend love in any form • The End of the world • the world is going to hell • end of the delta • mixing of the races • mongrel race held together via their love of material wealth • death! • Roth • doesn't have any “southern honor” • he excuses his lack of honor via “southern honor” (black > white) • Ike loves the wilderness but cannot extend that love to humans • Ike and Roth are committing Carothers' original sin via their lack of respect for living beings (humans) •...
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