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Model Penal Code Conduct Attendant Circumstance Result Purposely It is ’s conscious objective to engage in conduct of the nature prohibited. (1) is aware of the existence of the circumstance. Or (2) believes or hopes they exist. It is the ’s conscious objective to cause the prohibited result. Knowingly is aware that his conduct is of the nature prohibited. (1) Aware that the circumstances exist. (2) Aware of a high probability that such circumstances exist unless he actually believes they don’t exist. (Willful blindness is the same as knowingly under MPC §2.02(7) ) (3) Willful blindness is not knowingly under the NYPL . is practically certain the result would occur. Recklessly (1) consciously disregards a substantial and unjustifiable risk that the conduct is of the nature prohibited. And (2) The disregard of that risk is a gross deviation from standard of conduct a law abiding citizen would observe. (1)
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