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English 4:29 - • the baptism • Ike's wife attempts to...

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English 4/29 Delta Autumn Link back to Was because it takes us back to Uncle Ike Pt. 5 of the Bear is confirmed, the wilderness is doomed and so is he Omens of Impending trouble war in europe social chaos at home The repudiation of the land Ike is a lot more idealistic than Roth They will rise above to help save the women and children Roth believes that man is only good to escape punishment discusses the union of man and woman and the sacredness of it the wilderness vision is the goodness of God's creation There exists tension between the worlds of the tame land and the wilderness Roth is angry that there is a sacredness to the union of male and female Ike When Ike thinks of his life he sees it beginning with his first hunt
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Unformatted text preview: • the baptism • Ike's wife attempts to get him to get the plantation back • attempts to use sex as a means of negotiation • In not breaking, he is saving his son • but in not breaking he stops himself from gaining a son • Ike's house is not his home because he lost his wife there • if Ike has a home, it is the wilderness • If Ike has any kin, it are the hunters • ½ of Ike's life is tied to the word of the wilderness, ½ is tied to the world of the tame land • As such, he has never really left the world of the tame land • Ike's vision of eternity parallels his earlier vision of it • same thing, except that he's there •...
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