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English 4:22 - English 4/22 Part 5 The Bear aka"The Doomed...

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English 4/22 Part 5, The Bear aka “The Doomed Wilderness” 2 ways of functioning serves as an elegy of the doomed wilderness Code of the hunters Ike is now 18 here to hunt and the visit the graves of Sam and Lion Boon is the marshal at Hokes Major De Spain has sold the land to a lumber company De Spain never saw it himself again he would have to face the destruction of the wilderness esp. when he caused it by selling it Story of the Bear shows the vulnerability of the wilderness to man's machines it is an affirmation of the hunter's code they will not attack this bear cannot take care of himself a true hunter will not take advantage of the bear's fright Ike meets Boon Ike meets boon at the Old Gum Tree Vignette 2 Ashe goes hunting BUT he almost steps on a snake contrasts the Bear's story in that he does not follow the code of the hunter As such, he becomes a threat to himself and to Ike
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