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English 4:17 - By repudiating the plantation Emulates...

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English 4/17 As Faulkner talks about the side of the family without the curse he describes it as a “economic community” BUT, everything is NOT black and white McCaslin is the middle man in it all Ike is Free Free from the contamination of the curse BUT he will not take over the plantation The Legacy Renewed He sees it in a bright tin coffee pot Uncle Hubert Beauchamp Silver cup filled with coins and covered in a burlap sack Ike is going to repudiate being sacrificed
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Unformatted text preview: By repudiating the plantation Emulates Christ Christ being the biggest Western redeemer Ike's sacrifice is purely personal Christ's is to redeem all of mankind As such, IRONY! Ike then gets his ass Married Marriage is a communal state The Final Scene Is the wife being a whore? They are married The wife is desperate to get the plantation she even whores herself out to him...
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