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English 4:10 - • They (Buck and Buddy) repudiated their...

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The Bear Pt. 4 The dealing of legacies He is 21 (legally an adult now) The plantation is his now he decides to repudiate it Explains to Cass Edmonds why he does this Cass is the oldest member of his family Family Its a public institution! The Contrast Turns out. .. Ike makes the decision based on what he learns from the ledgers AND what he learned from Sam Fathers By repudiating, Ike is fulfilling God's intention Man is not to own the land!
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Unformatted text preview: • They (Buck and Buddy) repudiated their inheritance as well • The stories • Buck bought one slave for $265 (Persival Browning) • was a clerk and a book-keeper • Ledgers • Clerk • lightly humorous tone • humanizes the characters • Eunice was bought by Old Carothers for a LARGE amount of money • Eunice then had a child to Old Carothers • Once Old Carothers had a child with her daughter she killed herself • drowned • READ: up to the top of pg 287...
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