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English 4:8 - • The irony is that Boon kills Ben • Sam...

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English 4/8 Trip to get whiskey they have to traverse the world from wilderness (w/Ben) to the city (Memphis) In order to do this, they have to go though the logging town The Wilderness is always doomed send Ike to ensure that the whiskey comes back! Boon is unreliable Boon's one vice is liquor Boon may be like a child but he is a good man! Boon throws Ike out of the cart when it goes crazy to ensure his safety General Compton says that Ike should be on the pony because he is the best woodsman Ben Boon is afraid to shoot because he is afraid of hitting Lion Ike doesn't shoot because he is afraid of hitting Boon
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Unformatted text preview: • The irony is that Boon kills Ben • Sam is down and there is no mark on him as if he died from witnessing the death of Old Ben • He is speaking Chickasaw now • Sam wills his own death because “its over” he's seen the end battle • there is nothing left to live for • he has the successor • After It all • General implies that Ike is more of a man (the whole wilderness thing!) • Ike asks Boon if he killed Sam • McCaslin believes that he did, and that it was at Sam's request • Pt. 4 • Ike has to confront his heritage from McCaslin Read until pg. 269...
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