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English 3:27

English 3:27 - • Sam knows that its a dog that killed the...

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English 3/27 Pt. 1 Subtitled: Ike and the Bear (or, Ike and Ben) Pt. 2 Subtitled: Ike and the Dog (or, Ike and Lion) Pt 2 as a whole hunt for Ben takes on an almost religious experience know they won't kill Ben don't have the means repetition of the line “he should have hated and feared Lion' he knows when he first sees him that he is the one who can bay Ben part of Ike does not want Ben dead Ike has become a “master of the wilderness” attempts to ambush Ben uses a fyce he goes and grabs the fyce to protect him Why does either Sam or Ike need to bay Ben?? they made it into something religious this way, it goes out as long as it needs to Ike doesn't shoot because he doesn't want it to end Lion makes his presence by killing a colt thought that it was a panther decide it must be Old Ben
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Unformatted text preview: • Sam knows that its a dog that killed the colt and knows that “he's the one” • he know that the ritual is going to end • General says that Sam will never tame the dog • Sam says that he doesn't want to, in doing that, it would lose its courage • he wants obedience • Name the dog • name him lion to symbolize ferocity and courage • Almost as if Boone falls in love with lion • Boone takes care of Lion • this is important because they both have indian blood • its proper because Boone's Indian blood is plebeian while Sam's is royal • feels as if he's disgraced himself in Lion's eyes by missing Old Ben several times • the primary thing in Boone's life is Lion • he's as devoted as a spouse • aware that the end is near and that he shouldn't grieve it...
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