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English 3:25 - he is the deity of the wilderness Ike feels...

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English 3/25 Pt. 1 Pt. 2 the death of: Lion Old Ben AND Sam Fathers makes him the priest of the wilderness Sam, Ben and Lion all untainted and incorruptible pure embodiment of the spirit Pt. 4 find out why Ike repudiated his heritage and gave up the plantation Connection between pt. 1 and Old People At the end of part one, Ike is given the test of Self-reliance In the wilderness men are alone, without women they enter into an ancient contest Ben became a symbol of the wilderness Ike will become the man of the wilderness ultimately the wilderness and Ben are doomed similar to paradise lost but, he is a BEAR, he is mortal Ike becomes the high priest learns to preside over the wilderness In Old People, Ike goes through is appostuatcy when he first goes to the wilderness, its as though he witnesses his own birth Every year, Ben goes to check on the camp to see if there is any new person there
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Unformatted text preview: he is the deity of the wilderness Ike feels his own fragility and impotence in comparison to Old Ben the gun is the instrument by which hunters can protect themselves from the wilderness in leaving the gun behind, he almost turns himself over to the wilderness he takes only his compass and a stick for snakes he then realizes that he has to sacrifice his compass and watch as well this leaves him completely to the wilderness he still can't get to Old Ben he then sits down and calms down he is irrevocably lost at this point, he see's Ben's prints and follows them (though the appeared out of nowhere) he gets ordained via Ben's acceptance of him BUT, Ben is doomed just as the wilderness is Pt. 2, Ben's doom comes...
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