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interactive session 2 - Professor Cummings BUAD 304 TA...

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Professor Cummings BUAD 304 TA: Zheying Wu Interactive Session #2 Assignment Should Leaders Be Judged Solely on Their End Achievements? Or do the means they choose also reflect on their leadership qualities? Are employees, shareholders, and society too quick to excuse leaders who use questionable means if they are successful in achieving their goals? Is it impossible for leaders to be ethical and successful? Leaders should not be judged solely on their achievements. If this were to happen, the results would imply an unrealistic representation of the leader during their tenure. For instance, yes, Richard Nixon may have been a great leader, but his meanness, dirty tricks, and duplicity do not remain unaccounted for. Business leaders are meant to be capable, ethical, and successful at the same time; they should have a positive impact on their committee, organization, and the people they hire. Along with running a successful business, leaders should be committed to making value-based and ethical decisions in the workforce. Being a value-based leader is more
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This note was uploaded on 10/22/2007 for the course BUAD 304 taught by Professor Cummings during the Spring '07 term at USC.

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interactive session 2 - Professor Cummings BUAD 304 TA...

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