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Criminal Law-Short Version

Criminal Law-Short Version - I II III IV V VI Introduction...

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I. Introduction A. Background Information B. Juries (1) Right to a Jury Trial (2) Jury Nullification 3. Burden of Proof D. MPC II. Theories of Punishment 1. Utilitarian B. Retributivist C. Utilitarianism v. Retributivism D. Model Penal Code E. Must Add Mixing the Theories (Red 1-4) III. Proportionality of Punishment A. General Rule B. Recidivist Statutes C. Constitutionality Requirement of Proportionality (1) Coker (Constitutionality in Death Penalty Cases) (2) Solemn (Determining if punishment is Disproportionate) (3) Harmelin (Constitutionality for terms of years.) IV. Legality of Punishment 1. General Law B. Due Process C. Separation of Powers D. Fair Notice (Vagueness Doctrine) E. Non-Discriminatory Enforcement F. Lenity Rule G. MPC and NYPL V. Actus Reus A. “Voluntary Act” requirement B. “Act” C. “Voluntary” (1) The Edges of Voluntariness (2) Time Framing (3) Possession as a Voluntary Act (4) MPC and NYPL “Voluntary Act” Requirement 4. Omissions as a Voluntary Act E. Social Harm F. Actus Reus BreakDowns VI. Mens Rea A.
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