Chapter 26 - Reproductive Infections *Review Male & Female...

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Reproductive Infections Urinary Infections Cystitis- microbial infections of the bladder . More common in women; most common pathogen is E. coli. May also be caused by other opportunistic pathogens, including Neisseria gonorrheae . Urethritis- microbial infections of the urethra; may be either NGU or gonorrheal infections. These are infections are more common in males and may be result in urethral blockage due to inflammatory response. Pyelonephritis- is infection of the nephrons of the kidney; may result in kidney damage and is usually due to E. coli infections. Glomerulonephritis – is kidney infection due to Strep. Pyogenes; results in kidney damage and may cause death due to kidney failure. Bacterial Diseases of the Reproductive Systems These infections are commonly called STD’s. They are sexually transmitted by direct contact and may be prevented by barrier contraceptives (condoms). Gonorrhea- Niesseria gonorrheae is the pathogen; transmitted by direct mucous membrane contact. This organism may infect any mucous membrane and may be transmitted by a variety sexual practices. Sexually transmitted gonorrhea causes a severe urethritis in males; may be asymptomatic in females for months. Eventually,
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Chapter 26 - Reproductive Infections *Review Male & Female...

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