February 16 - Grm 117 The Clown Boln not want to promote...

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February 16, 2007 Grm 117 The Clown: Boln not want to promote living together Conversation hans show status being marriage “proud be wife” Marie (small town) tells hans kiss her outside neighbours see them Refuse to go to school (new life) Hanse tells brother “with a women-my wife” 30 th chapter defends marriage Sommervilled “marriage status in cannon law req. formalization from priest Hanse marriage of condition of commitemen t between two people Child oblication pure black male (he is a good Catholic turer than other people) Priest turn marriage into sales contract Sexual morality of Cath. Church dishonist Men above women Men right sex with wife anytime (right) Rep of Caht. Disturbed rela. Towards sexuality Conflict between abstract and concrete, rule practice, desire and freedome, force order, controlled desired controll Hanse agnostic Ultimately Marie cant except it wants real marriage Milure morality forfit critcal responsibility lose Capitulation of personal knowledge Marie excepts catholic though 0 give up personal thinking Clown failure and contridtions prototype of freedome Question if Boln is clown? Stupid mistakes id him as Cl Clown represents ideas of Boln Clown goes and begs at train station o Why? o 1. he perceives as unalterabiltiy inability change instutional catholism o Rep father sommervilled, brother and cath. Circle arounf Marie o 2. unreformibility of bohn reality miserable character, schnitzler, calich and kinkle, (put him down when crit. Hitler o 3. unchability of Bouswa ethics (rep by father and mother) o 4. dissintegaration of relationship with Marie Theme austricing of person infected with religion like lepracy o Hanse end novel with rattle warn people of infection o Inal image outcast person change social order of society Clown readical critcism of church o Not heed founders order heed oppressed o Critcism of Cathoic Boln duisgusted agiant church in natzi
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o Out against bishops “bye stock”
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February 16 - Grm 117 The Clown Boln not want to promote...

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