February 23 - Grm 117 Boln 1 political harassment 2...

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Unformatted text preview: February 23, 2007 Grm 117 Boln 1. political harassment 2. Demorgic yellow journalism 3. Cooperation of Police and press 4. Vulnerbility of people especially women in society want sensation 5. political and fimornical interst work behind scene • Way public opinion and way state behaves • Criticism of capitalism • Love and mercy in german society • Hiffen potential in society • Theatens everyone • Uncover use of violence behind ficade of iundustriolal empires • Behind police , justice system, and press empures • Society in gernal not conscious of this o Boln taken over it o Point out crimal treated and judged as human beings o Love is possible • Katraina not persuaded give up love for Golnd Bank robber and murder • Kat not just fictionalized portrait o Talk about individual as victum as mass media • Police harassment sexual harassment • Big topic o Wathc movie on Mon • Differnce between Movie and Book o Film completed undr Volker Schonoloff o Director Margonethe von Trottor o 1975 o Changes from novel All made with Bol’s approvia Enphasise social critical aspect of plot Boln thought film better than book o Police and employees all under 40 yrs old o Nothing to do with Nazi past not fascists o Problem of new democratic Germany o Presents event sin strick chronological order o Simplifies progression of Kat o Innocent to inevitable conclusion o Added to something at end of film Speech at burial (editor) totkiss • Shot not only fired at him but the freedome of the press •...
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February 23 - Grm 117 Boln 1 political harassment 2...

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