March 9 - March 9, 2007 Germ 117 The Tin Drum What is the...

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March 9, 2007 Germ 117 The Tin Drum What is the chronology of action 1899 Anna meets Joseph Daughter Agnes (mother of tin drum) Marries Alfred 1923 1924 Oscar is born Age 3 1927 Arranges to fall into the basement (decision to stop growing) 1937-39 O child hood WW1 breaks out Attack on Polish post office 1935 1945 (book 2) Book 3 (1946-52) post war 1952-54 Oscar committed to Mental Hosp. write memoirs Tin Drum 1939 turning point in past war Gern lit Not excepted right away Questioned traditional criteria Time god back to old strove for order and morality Set aside in this novel Tin drum became classic work o Take place in suburb o Time written Dunzig symbol of German defeat of WW1 o Result of Versi treaty o Dunzig turned into free state o Separate unit under league of nation poles given access to sea o History of free state of Dunzig also hist of german polish relations o Main act. In Tin have same allegorical o Reich Poland , Dunzig people like wife o Alfred not from Gedanz (old Germany) o Native of Rheinlander (actor uses dialect) o Agnes comes from country side (casubians (native Germans) o Bronsky engaged to Agnes when met brazerat o Chooses Polish o Shoot to death by home guards o Life ends at same time as Poland o Alfred shot to death by Russians life end with third Reich o Agnes between two men o Kashbian era
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o After initial estrangement from bronsky o Agnes dies from the baker Alexander takes her place o Poland, German Danzig o Oscar clearly has sympathies for Poland (drum red and white national colors for Poland) o Clearly structured book o Divided into large part (3 parts) o End of each mark end of important parts of Oscar life o Fictional autobiography o Identical with 1899-1954 o First part conception of Oscar birth o Childhood o Second book years during war o Attack on polish post o Flee from o 3 rd book time after the war o Oscar in Düsseldorf o Ring finger trial o Oscar committed to mental institution
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March 9 - March 9, 2007 Germ 117 The Tin Drum What is the...

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