March 12 - March 12, 2007 117 Tin Drum Bildrungsromon...

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March 12, 2007 117 Tin Drum Bildrungsromon Creation of the 18 th century Characterized in center young man enducated outside influences by society Become part of society Finds place (like sid) Some kind of secret society Emissaries direct person into right directions Tin Drum o Iroic distanc relationship to this kind of novel o Paratity of Bild o Oskar pass through all different stages of edu. o One big difference o Person changes and educated part of society o Here not happe usually integration of hero into society o Oskar does not change o Remain same and not part of society o How can be expected become part society classified into negative terms o Soc not human o Stages okscar passes thru o Different refusals to adapt o 1. right at birth refises to fallow father (shop keekper) o 2. age 3 stop growing insit on status a 3yrol o 3. not go to school regiment by schedule o Sadis as outsider clearly defined not questioned in remander of novel reimans outside o Intel complete at birth o Not know anything o Studies two lit o Antipose o Geothe and Rapsontine o Stand for the literary education Oscar receives o End of novel affaraid trial in his favor o Not want to go into society o Instead of marrying produce graves stones o His integration discussed as a joke o Prefer to stay in assilem o He doe not want to be part part of asociety o Rejects integration and classical B ild o No development in part of hero
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March 12 - March 12, 2007 117 Tin Drum Bildrungsromon...

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