March 14 - Grm 117 Final class Tin Drum • Understood...

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Unformatted text preview: March 14, 2007 Grm 117 Final class Tin Drum: • Understood against tendancy post war germany • Ignore third riech (gorget it) • Last street car attacks contimuity • Oskar end of war two men arrest (victor) • Try to shoot him order of execusion 1939 • When tin crum came out 1959 recogning taking place • By dealing with the third riech – TD political novel • First formost destcription of life of Osk. Mirrors politics of time • Gross not moralist description ofhitler regism whitout inter remark • Same means (sex on the carpet) • Grass nothing but realist • Socieal enviorment lower middle class • History background info • One of the people plays role (bebra) o `the other dwarf who oskar calls master o Only one sees through oskar o Only one Oskar completely open up o When they meat O shows how shatter glass o Bebrea becomes O teachers o Political develaopemnt (114) middle of par under center (MY dear) o Next few year o Torch perades (Alfred repeated asked by gov to give up oskar to care of gov. unthanasia program) o 3 yrs later 170 meet Bebra again (with a little self disoplin 172) o Bebra tries to persuade O to adapt to current political situation...
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March 14 - Grm 117 Final class Tin Drum • Understood...

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