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English 118 - English 118 October 4 2007 Fem fatal Double...

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English 118 September 27, 2007 October 4, 2007 Fem fatal – Double indemnity - Film noir – post war black and white Hollywood Hard boiled –first person narration short sentences The novel hardboiled fiction The movie film noir Hardboiled fiction – pulp fiction Cheep dime novel - cheap entertainment not considered art but disposable junk food for the mind Cain contrast billy wilder etc seen as great film authors While the film seen a trashes fiction the film seen as art James M. Cain: Insurance salesman, principal, editor of NY magazine Not fit with list of American great authors Never got but wanted to be great American writer Association with Hollywood prevented him joining cannon of serious lit (decided by east cost) Because book like m ovie scripts Ed Mcwilson cridict tried to promote Cain even referenced Hollywood Highlight idea that Cain’s work not on par with Fitzgerald Faulkner Implies that cain too good at his day Job Novels show La landscape become archetype moral space Bookds: Graphic unapologetic Sado mas sex cuckold Matter of fack davavity Desperadoes clawing and scratching make their way Infused with archetypal LA trope or symbols Lot of the action involves autos and lang distiances Style- very space (hem esc) First lines convey descidedly film/novel idea (I drove out to Glendale) Basic reason of subject matter (infidelity and murder) Simple read and understand Excessability – taudry murder and sex (not suprising Cain not included) Faulkner excludes mass audience – great art dense and impenetrable and difficult How can American lit attain cultural legit on par with European lit
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Young cultural barbaric What is the writer’s relation ship to audience? In what ways critical aperatuse implicated in the market Pulp sell allot art not Legion of decency Europe different reception (all elements 1940’s post war Europe) The Strange rehash of Post man always rings twice French fascination with hardboiled novel 1930’s LA exstreme American frontier modern alienation Long distances Mid 20 th century europ intecl recognized something in his violent world Americans thought that Cain hack and Euro great What about cain’s heritage What imspired Euro’s while dismissed by Amer. Vied Walter (nobal savage - native person living in harmony with nature in paradise American innocent – innocent American character perform same function foil to Europ civiliczed (Euro evolved and civ but corrupted with that) Something to teach (savages) very romanticized) civilized cultured Euro’s shown as arristicratic imbread sickly potentially incestuous American innocent big strong healthy like animal intelct dense uncorrupted by Teach about innocence Euro’s look at characters different Walter intouch with primal urges Food sex and boose Simplicity in novel and character and critics dismiss as pulp Character A phycologica not complex To cinonomatic to brutal Cain’s depiction of Urban despare unreflectex anti hero’s Indultend Unreflected just do it
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English 118 - English 118 October 4 2007 Fem fatal Double...

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